Drums & Percussion

Percussion instruments have become ubiquitous in modern music, bringing rich rhythms and textures to a wide variety of musical styles ranging from reggae to funk to salsa and hip-hop. At Twigg Musique, we select the best instruments to delight drummers and percussionists.

What can be found in the percussion instruments category ?

In this category, there are several ways to produce sounds: by striking, rubbing, shaking, or scraping.

Popularized by the greatest rock bands, the most well-known instrument in this category is undoubtedly the drum kit. It consists of toms, snare drums, bass drums, and cymbals, which essentially provide a tempo.
There are also a multitude of keyboard instruments mainly used in orchestras such as the xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, or bells.
Skinned instruments get their name from the stretched membranes originally made of animal skin (like leather) which serve as a striking element to produce sound. Among the most popular are timbales, congas, djembes, bongos, etc.

How to choose your drum kit ?

Today, complete acoustic drum sets can be found starting from $600, such as the excellent SBP8F3 from Yamaha, and others can go up to thousands of dollars on certain models.
If you're a beginner, it's not necessary to start with a high-end kit. You can focus on the lower price ranges.

For drumsticks, we offer a wide range suitable for both amateurs and professionals.

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