The tenor saxophone produces a deeper sound than the alto saxophones making it blend well in smaller groups and wind ensembles. We offer a vast selection of tenor saxophones at Twigg Musique making your shopping experience a pleasant one.

Tonal Quality of the Tenor Saxophone

The sound of the tenor saxophone is warm, deep, and rich. Its range produces a smooth and mellow sound that makes it versatile enough to adapt to a variety of musical genres such as classical, jazz, or popular music. Tenor Saxophones are larger than the alto saxophone with wider bells and therefore produce a richer sound. Each tenor saxophone has its own identity, its own tonalities, so be sure to choose your instrument based on its ability to produce the range of tones you enjoy.

Range of the Tenor Saxophone

The tenor saxophone produces a rich and full sound an octave lower than the soprano saxophone. It is in B♭, making it a transposing instrument. At Twigg Musique, we offer some of the best brands such as Selmer, Yamaha, Yanagisawa, Keilwerth, P. Mauriat, Eastman. We also offer some great value brands like Jupiter, Antigua, Amati. We have a large collection of second hand saxophones. that can fit all budgets. You can filter between new tenor saxophones and used models In the wind instrument section of our online store.

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