Saxophones are conical wind instruments invented in the 19th century by the Belgian Adolphe Sax.

Different Types of Saxophone

This large family of wind instruments is classified by size, ranging from the smallest to the largest, each with a different range and offering distinct sounds:

- Soprano Saxophone: It is the smallest saxophone in the family and also produces the highest sounds. It exists in two forms: curved and straight. An iconic figure in jazz, it can also be seen in contemporary classical music orchestras. The instrument is typically made in the key of B-flat (B♭), meaning that when a musician plays a C written on the score, it sounds like a B♭.

- Alto Saxophone: It is slightly larger than the soprano and has a slightly lower range. It is frequently found in a variety of musical styles such as jazz, funk, pop, and classical music. The instrument is typically tuned in the key of E-flat (E♭).

- Tenor Saxophone: It is the most versatile saxophone. Its medium range allows for a wide variety of styles ranging from jazz to blues, to rock. The tenor saxophone is tuned in the key of B-flat (B♭) like the soprano saxophone.

- Baritone Saxophone: With a weight ranging from 5 to 6 kg and a slightly lower sound, the baritone can find its place in an orchestra as well as in smaller ensembles. The baritone saxophone is typically tuned in the key of E-flat (E♭) like the alto saxophone.

- Bass Saxophone: It is the largest of all saxophones. Its deep sound and low range make it a relatively rarely used instrument.

Very popular in jazz circles, saxophones can also adapt to many musical styles thanks to their wide variety of acoustic possibilities.

Which Saxophone to start with?

It is an eternal debate in the saxophone community, some musicians recommend starting with an alto, others with a tenor. The sheet music for alto saxophones is more interesting than that for tenors.
There are people who are better suited for the tenor and others for the alto.

As you may have guessed, there is neither a right nor a wrong choice. It is really personal preference that will determine your choice between B-flat tenor and E-flat alto.

The only advice we can give you on this matter is to visit a store and try both to see which one you feel most comfortable with!

What is the Price of a Saxophone?

Like many instruments, there are saxophones available at all price points. Of course, if you are just starting out in music, there is no need to go straight for the most expensive saxophone available. For example, Yamaha offers a very good quality/price ratio with saxophones around $1,600, perfect for beginners.
If this price exceeds your budget, know that we also offer high-quality second-hand instruments that will allow you to make a real bargain.

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