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Instrument repair was the first service offered by Twigg Musique, in the times of Maurice Twigg. The repair shop launched the company and remains a key service with the largest technician team in the Province, and among the best in North America.

To guarantee, year after year, a high quality service to musicians of all levels, to professionals and to music schools, Twigg Musique leverages the expertise of its workshop team, but also calls on younger generation technicians to foster innovation.

The work done in our repair shop is recognized and certified by numerous renowned instrument manufacturers such as Yamaha, Selmer Paris ProShop and Conn-Selmer, Buffet Group Wind Instruments, Adams & Powell. Flute repairs and conversions with Straubinger system are performed by specially trained technicians.

Close collaboration with these instrument makers allows the workshop to use original parts and to perform repairs according to manufacturer specifications.

Technician in house training is provided through supplier workshops. The team shares everyone’s experience and knowledge to develop techniques, tools and services, in order to maximize the potential of each instrument.

Twigg Musique’s wood and brass repair shop is accessible everywhere in Quebec thanks to the mobile shop. Our travelling technician visits remote areas with all tools and parts on board, to make your instrument functional again.

Come and visit us for an instrument evaluation or to meet our team of technicians who will be happy to provide advice.

General Maintenance

Ultrasonic cleaning
Dent Removal

Repairs and Major Adjustements

Extensive dent removal
Crack repair
Parts manufacturing
Tenon repair
Gold plating

The Team

Montréal Repair shop manager

Pierre-Olivier Duceppe

A trumpet player from Mcgill University, Pierre-Olivier Duceppe is a brass technician with a great talent for customizing instruments. He is actively involved in the development of repair techniques as evidenced by the micro-alignment of pistons he has implemented at Twigg. He is an active musician, arranger and musical director for school programs.

Québec Repair shop manager

Frédérick Hanny

Frédérick Hanny is the shop leader at Twigg Musique Québec, and specialises in woodwind repair. A member of the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians(NAPBIRT), he holds many repair certifications: Straubinger, Yamaha and Buffet Crampon.

Québec Brass specialist

Richard Bergeron

A trumpet player graduated from Laval University, Richard Bergeron hones the craft of wind instrument repairs since 1985, first at Arduini Musique in Quebec City and then in the technician team at Twigg Québec. Making brass instruments his speciality, the love of the craft inspires his repairs, be they minor cases or complete restorations.

Montréal Mobile repair shop

Daniel Beaulé

At the helm of the mobile repair shop, Daniel Beaulé visits schools across the province, offering his master technician services. Specialised in all woodwind harmony instruments, he took over from Roland Chartier in 1999. Supporting and advising teachers, he takes care of instruments for the students’ benefit.

Québec Luthier

André Lachance

A violin luthier graduated in Quebec City in 1997, André Lachance is in charge of the string department at Twigg Musique since 2013. Professional guitarist, he has built his experience over the last 25 years on the field, repairing instruments subject to the vagaries of touring both in Quebec and abroad.

Montréal Saxophone specialist

Frèdé Simard

Frèdé Simard first mastered how to play the saxophone, before studying its mechanics. A woodwind instrument technician specialized in clarinets and saxophones, as well as Orff instruments, he learned about the tools of the trade at Marc Jean's workshop, where he worked on the design of high-end ligatures. He still appears live on Montreal stages.

Montréal Double reed specialist

Baptiste Le Guillou

Certified Straubinger technician and specialist in parts manufacturing, Baptiste Le Guillou demonstrates great skill with double reed instruments and repairs flutes and clarinets. He has followed two repair and manufacturing trainings in France, a certificate of professional aptitude (CAP) and a certificate of craftsmanship (MBA) at the Institut technologique européen des métiers de la musique (ITEMM) while working as a repairman at the Christophe Devillaire workshop in Lyon. Baptiste plays drums as well as being a trumpet player and a member of a Brazilian percussions gruop.

Montréal Flute specialist

Julie Dubreuil

Passionate about wind instruments, Julie Dubreuil joined the repair shop after more than 7 years of service at Twigg musique. Being a multi-instrumentalist and a woodwind technician, she dabbles in everything from the piccolo to the bass clarinet. However, the bass trombone is what she prefers when it comes to orchestral settings, a longtime member of both the Orchestre à Vents Non-Identifié and the Ensemble à Vents de Sherbrooke. Meticulous and fascinated by acoustic and mechanical fine-tuning, Julie completed a Straubinger certification in 2017 and is always looking for a new challenge.

Québec Woodwind specialist

Alexandre Cloutier

Hired as an apprentice, Alexandre Cloutier learned the basics of instrument repair. Holder of a Master’s degree in jazz saxophone from Laval University, he is an enthusiastic learner of repair techniques.

Québec Apprentice

Nicholas Miller

After 2 years at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal in bass trombone, Nicholas Miller joined the team of technicians in Quebec City as an apprentice. Fascinated by brass instruments and interested in mechanics, he constantly strives to improve in the field of repairs and eventually to customize the instruments.