The Twigg Experience

Twigg Music is a family business woven together with the music community of Quebec for three generations. From fathers to sons and daughter, the Twigg family associates with the dreams of passionate people, the projects of teachers and students, and the career of our artists and musicians.

Since the founding of Maurice Twigg's repair shop in 1958, many things have changed. Thanks to the work of the entire Twigg family, the company is the largest retailer of instruments and sheet music in the province.

A family business woven together with the music community of Quebec

Like their father, Daniel and Pascal Twigg have surrounded themselves with a team involved on the local scene and in close collaboration with educational institutions: musicians, students and experienced technicians. By thus betting on expertise, the family business quickly became a reputable address.

Both orchestra musicians and self-taught artists come here for the care of their instruments or out of curiosity for the latest Yamaha instrument model, an exclusive brand at Twigg Musique in Quebec.

A place of great encounters

One visit will convince you that this is a place of great encounters. Moreover, the Montreal workshop-boutique has been completely refurbished to accommodate more people under its roof and offer a more efficient service and a wider variety of products.

If there is one thing that has not changed, it is the welcome that is reserved for you when you come through the door. The entire team will welcome you with friendliness and respect as it should be in the Twigg family.

Twigg Musique's presence and involvement extend beyond its doors. The company is very proud to be newly associated with the Garage à musique of the Fondation du Dr Julien. In addition to supporting social and community projects with children, Twigg Musique is also a long-time partner of festivals and numerous musical events in the province, particularly with the next generation.

The entire team will welcome you with good mood and humor as it should be in the Twigg family