The alto saxophone is an excellent choice for music enthusiasts considering starting the saxophone. Typically, when talking about classical saxophone, the tenor often receives all the praise. Yet, in truth, the alto saxophone is just as impressive in its power as the tenor is in its nostalgic appeal.

In the world of musical instruments, and particularly in wind instruments, it can sometimes be challenging to find the right brand and/or model for beginners.
Whether new or used, discover thatTwigg Musique has an entire collection of saxophones for sale that is suitable for all levels of players.

Yamaha: Quality Instruments at Every Level

As one of the most innovative and prolific manufacturers in the world, this Japanese brand has helped shape the sound of modern music. In 1985, Yamaha's musical instrument division built its first saxophone. With such longevity, their expertise and experience are undeniable.

At Yamaha, there is something for every level: Saxophones with the lowest prices are ideal for beginners, but if you are looking to acquire an intermediate saxophone with excellent value for money, we recommend the outstanding YAS-62.

But at Yamaha, it is especially the series of professional saxophones that stand out. In 1995, the manufacturer launched its CUSTOM range with the YAS-875EX and YAS-875EXS, the first in a series of customized altos that would be produced until the 2000s.

In 2019, the excellent YAS-875EX-II appeared, which is now recognized as a true reference in the world of the alto saxophone. Warm and incredibly sonorous sounds make this instrument a celebrity among professionals.

Of course, when choosing your alto saxophone, reeds and mouthpieces can be exchanged to some extent so that you can find that perfect sound for your unique playing style. This is by far one of the most famous and remarkable features of Yamaha's saxophone range.
Of all saxophone brands, none have a resale market like Yamaha's. These are quality instruments that last and will accompany you for years.

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