Retro-Revival New Yorker Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece offers superior projection as well as flexibility for jazz. Precise and dynamic, this mouthpiece is powerful despite its perfect intonation.
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"New Yorker" Small Chamber

Meeting the needs of the Jazz, Pop & R&B Saxophonists.

Superior projection necessary to lead the section. Flexible for jazz and contemporary settings. Highly dynamic and precise control for any occasion. You will immediately feel the power along with amazing intonation. The small chamber delivers unsurpassed clarity and punch in the beauty of a hard rubber mouthpiece.

Partnered with many of the finest craftsmen is the USA, we have replicated this rare and sought after mouthpiece down to the smallest detail.

We all have experienced the risk, expense and frustration of searching for vintage mouthpieces on the internet. An original untouched Meyer Bros is indeed finding that needle in the haystack. The gamble on eBay is considerable. You can easily end up spending well over $2,000 on one that's mediocre or unplayable, as shown on the photo on the left margin of a completed eBay auction.

With our Retro Revival mouthpiece, you can rest assure that we make every replica New Yorker to the highest standard of performance based on a lifetime of acquired knowledge and experience. 

As lifelong professionals who share a passion for tone quality and performance, we joined together to apply decades of experience and knowledge to the development of an excellent yet affordable Meyer Bros replica for today’s alto players.

From our own extensive mouthpiece collections, we selected the best of the best to clone, painstakingly narrowing it down to ‘The One” once owned by legendary session player Demenic Fera here in Los Angeles. – the Meyer that we all agreed delivered the fattest sound, fastest articulations, evenness of color and consistency of intonation.

We’re proud to offer a faithful reproduction of this rare mouthpiece in a model that meets the highest standards down to the smallest detail. We use the most advanced CAD technology and highest quality Formula German Rod Rubber. Each mouthpiece is Precision Finished and, most importantly, individually tested and approved by professionals.  

We know you will be impressed with its consistency and play-ability. Most of all, we’re confident that you’ll be rewarded with years of enjoyment and artistic satisfaction playing the Retro Revival “New Yorker.”

Each New Yorker comes with a Complimentary Brand New Rico H Type Ligature & Cap!!

And Custom Paper Tube Case


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