Barkley Pop Kustom Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Designed for impact, this small chamber mouthpiece and the elevated deflector give it that harmonic richness in the upper register and fat low notes you look for in Jazz and Pop solos.
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Designed with a Step baffle, a high deflector in the shape of a ramp, which accentuates the high frequencies; and the Large Chamber, which generates a gain in the low frequencies.

It is a balanced mouthpiece, designed to accentuate the treble. Maintains a good dose of bass, so that the sound is always homogeneous and allows control over the entire length of the instrument, both in the upper and lower registers, with a lot of resonance.




  • Material: Fiber resin


  • Finished: Hand finished. Tested one by one.


  • Clamp:Not included.

          Recommendation: Barkley Massa Clamp.


  • Instruments:
  • Alto Saxophone;


  • Measures:

    Alto Sax
    #7 ~2.20mm = 0.086”
    #8 ~2.30mm = 0.090”


  • Indicated:
  • Funk;
  • Latin Jazz;
  • Smooth Jazz;
  • Rock.

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