Vandoren VK Bb Clarinet Reed

Vandoren's first synthtetic reed! With unrivaled stability and surprising facility, you will certainly confuse its sound with the regular wooden reed. The secret of the VK reed is its acoustic behaviour that resembles one of the natural reed.

These reed are the result of 7 years of research at Vandoren!

The VK Vandoren reed comes in 6 diffrent strengths : you will definitely find the one that suits your need. Their strengths correspomd to sixths of cane reed strength.

The secret of these reeds is their acoustic behaviour. That is what distinguishes them from the other plastic reeds currently on the market. You will be surprised by their ramarquable quality. They were conceived to help the emerging musician by providing a stable reed that won't warp or change with time and humidity.

These reeds are made in France and are recyclable.

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