Powell Ruby Aurumite 9k Flute

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Ruby Aurumite is the newest member of the Aurumite family. Offering a mature sound, our Ruby Aurumite features silver soldered tone holes and a Sterling Silver mechanism. With an interior of Sterling Silver, the response and power is similar to our Sterling Silver flutes, though the color possibilities are closer to the gold flute family.


The sound is bold, colorful, and energetic. The Ruby Aurumite headjoint features a solid 14K Rose Gold lip plate and riser. The Sterling Silver crown proudly displays a ruby in the center, the namesake of this beautiful instrument.

Pitch : A-440/442/444
Tubing Material : Ruby Aurumite
Tubing Thickness : .016"
Tone hole Type : Soldered Only
Tone hole Material : Sterling Silver
Rings, Ribs, Posts : Sterling Silver
Barrel : Ruby Aurumite
Footjoint : B or C Foot available
Gizmo : Standard
Scale : Modern Powell Scale
G Disc : Available

Tube Material : Ruby Aurumite
Lip Plate Material : 14K Rose Gold
Wall Material : 14K Rose Gold
Crown Material : Sterling Silver with Ruby stone inset
Style : Lumina, Philharmonic, Soloist, Venti

Type : Pinless Mechanism (standard) or Pinned Mechanism (special order)
Keywork Material : Sterling Silver
G keys : In-line or Offset
Cups : French
Arms : Pointed Arms
C# Trill : Available
Split-E : Available
D# Roller : Available
Open G# : Available
Springs : 10K White Gold

Type : Straubinger™ Pads

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