Yamaha YRS-401 Soprano Recorder

This recorder is made with natural plant-based plastic.
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  • Materials that are gentle on the environment

    Bodies made of plant-based “Ecodear” plastic: the world’s first application of environmentally friendly plant based materials in a musical instrument.

  • Improved instrument performance

    The change in material has resulted in a mellow, centered tone that is similar to that of wood recorders, plus improved breath response and high-register control.

  • Newly adopted plant-like colors

    Bright colors chosen to elicit the image of plants such as corn and others have been used in the recorders and cases for the first time.

  • Arched windway

    It has a slight resistance when you play for better breath control which gives greater tonal expressivity and projection.

  • Case

    Natural-fiber cloth cases do not contain or produce any hazardous substances when disposed of or burned.

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