Yamaha Soprano Wooden Recorders

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Something for the professional . . . tonal depth and clarity ideal for solo or chamber music; even and precise intonation; ease in blending.

Many players insist on the tonal qualities of natural wood. When it has been specially seasoned, natural wood creates a tone of great depth; a tone that is warm, glowing, alive. Yamaha offers a complete line-up of wooden recorders, from our inexpensive 40 series to handmade models that will satisfy the most demanding soloist. They are available in a variety of woods for subtle sound differences.


Wood Materials

- Kingwood : A very hard and dense wood, Kingwood gives a strong, broad tone. (Gravity after drying approx. 1.2)

- Rosewood : A hard heavy wood for vigorous tone, with rich overtones similar to Kingwood, but a little softer and sweeter. (Gravity after drying approx. 1.0)

- Ebony : Another hard, dense wood characterized by easy response, and a clear elegant sound. (Gravity after drying approx. 1.0)

- Castellowood : A softer wood with a beautiful warm tone, good for expressing subtle musical nuances. Though it is not technically a boxwood, it is commonly referred to as “Castello Boxwood”. (Gravity after drying approx. 0.7)


Environmentally-conscious lead-free processes

Wood recorders use lead-free coatings and lead free solder.

Cotton Case Bags

The recorder cases are made from environmentally friendly natural cotton.


The YRS-61 is made from Castellowood, a well established traditional material for recorders. It is characterized by a soft and natural tone reminiscent of Baroque era.


Kingwood gives the YRS-62 a clear strong and exciting sound with ample harmonics to color the broad tone.


With its beautiful grains, Rosewood is as attractive to look at as it is to play. The YRS-64 has an encompassing sound containing both dynamism and sweetness.


The YRS-82 model has a sharper beak for a quick easy response, and is made of Kingwood for a broad yet focused sound full of life.


Ebony is a hard dense wood which provides easy response and a clear elegant sound.

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