Protec Flute Case - Micro Zip ABS

Article code BM308
The Protec Micro Zip case is the answer to minimalism! The sleek, micro-sized profile allows you to slip it into a bag without being intrusive . Don't be fooled by its size though - this case packs a serious punch in the protection department.

Instrument Fit Information:

  • Fits most B & C foot flutes.
  • Fits flutes that have split E key and C# trill key.

Exterior Features:

  • ABS Frame: Extremely durable and scratch resistant ABS plastic shell that protects against shock and impact. 
  • Long-lasting zippers: Custom-designed strong zippers that features a lock hole. 
  • Metal feet: Sturdy custom-designed metal feet.

Interior Features:

  • Protective structure: Foam-injected interior lined with blue velvet.
  • Small storage space: Easily store your cleaning rod, open-hole plugs, and other small accessories.


​​​​​​Fits most B & C foot flutes
Exterior dimensions: 18(l) x 4.3(w) x 2.5(h)"; 46 x 11 x 6cm
Weight: 1.3lbs; 0.6kg 

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