Schilke Z Series Trumpet Mouthpiece

Article code ETRPSC14A4Z
The new “skeletonized lightweight” profile ‘Z’ trumpet model mouthpieces feature a contour exterior profile which is lighter in mass for faster response. Also featured is a extra tight Z backbore than our standard ‘A’ backbore for slightly more resistance
6A4Z 15.99 .630 27 CONTOUR PROFILE – A shallow ‘A” cup with cushion #4 rim for extreme high register work with tight ‘Z” backbore.
13A4Z 16.76 .660 27 CONTOUR PROFILE – The shallow “A” cup, semi-flat #4 rim and extra tight “Z” backbore creates an ideal lead mouthpiece with quick response and more resistance than standard model.
14A4Z 17.09 .673 27 CONTOUR PROFILE – Based our most popular 14A4A, offers a shallow “A” cup, semi-flat #4 rim and extra tight “Z” backbore.
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