Griego NY Large Bore Trombone Mouthpiece

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Griego Mouthpieces designs and manufactures a complete line of authentic, inspired, performance equipment for orchestral, commercial and jazz musicians. Griego is a family-owned company committed to designing and producing the best equipment imaginable.

Chart of sizes to help you find the right mouthpiece

Bass Trombone

Bass Model .5

Orchestral players who play a 60, 1, or larger mouthpieces will love the feel of the Griego .5. Most bass trombone mouthpieces are unbalanced, which causes a wide array of sound widths and tonal colors throughout the different registers. We have paid very close attention to the balance between the cup, throat, and backbore of our mouthpieces. The end result in the .5 is a larger mouthpiece that maintains tonal color no matter the tessitura. The upper register maintains the core sound without becoming diffuse. The lower register is full with plenty of energy in the sound. The larger cup size of the .5 allows the player to increase the size of the sound as they descend in range.

Bass Model 1.5

Flexibility and comfort are not to be sacrificed with this mouthpiece. The slightly flat rim in combination with the medium deep cup makes this a great solo type mouthpiece. The model 1.5 is also good for commercial and jazz playing.


Tenor Trombone

Large Bore Tenor Model 3M

The Griego 3M (sometimes called the 3GM) is great for the tenor trombonist that wants the room of a larger mouthpiece without a huge cup volume. The 3M offers the same cup diameter as the Griego 3, but with less cup volume.

A full natural sound is achieved in all registers with the balance found in the Griego Mouthpiece design.


Large Bore Tenor Model 4

Very free blowing. Rich, full sound is great for second trombone playing.


Large Bore Tenor Model 5

Model 5 has a more rounded rim on a slightly deeper bowl than a standard 5G. Consistent throughout all registers with lots of middle register overtones. This mouthpiece was designed with the principal trombonist in mind.


Large Bore Tenor Model 5M

Model 5M has a 5G rim with a cup that is in between a 5 and a 6.5. Perfect for the high player that needs a little more embouchure room but wants the shallower cup.


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