Bach Trombone Mouthpiece - Small Shank

Article code ETRBBA11
Bach small shank mouthpiece for trombone. Universally adopted, recommended by many music teachers, this mouthpiece is suitable for both beginners and the most demanding musicians

Wide: Increases endurance.
Narrow: Improves flexibility, range.
Round: Improves comfort.
Sharp: Increases brilliance, precision of attack.

Large: Increases volume, control.
Small: Relieves fatigue, weakness.
Deep: Darkens tone, especially in low register.
Shallow: Brightens tone, improves
response, especially in high register.

Large: Increases blowing freedom,
volume, tone; sharpens high
register (largest sizes also sharpen
low register).
Small: Increases resistance, endurance,
brilliance; flattens high register.


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