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Building on the popularity of the Newbury St Strap, the ‘deluxe’ features an anodized aluminum ‘wide adjustment bar’ which spreads the strap ends and string away from the neck.
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I love leather neck straps, but there always seems like there’s a tradeoff. Either the leather is too stretchy and the horn ‘bounces’ when you play, or there’s too little material and you end up with neck pain. In addition, I wanted to make a strap that didn’t compromise anywhere on construction. Hence: the Newbury St Strap was born, named after the famous chic shopping district in Boston.

Using two different types of leather, and a nice thick wedge of memory foam, the harness of the Newbury St will break in over time like an old baseball glove for a truly unique comfort fit. The ‘string’ is 550 paracord which can hold more than twice the weight of any horn. For the slider, I had a custom mold made to provide a good grip that’s easy to move up and down with little slippage. The slider is cast in brass and then powder coated in matte black. Debating over a plastic vs metal hook? With the Newbury St you get the best of both since we cover our hooks with Japanese made industrial shrink tubing. No worries about wearing down your neck strap ring and no need to be concerned about a cheap plastic hook breaking on you. Win/win.

Overall, this is a no fuss, solid strap that you can depend on for years.

Each strap is assembled and tested here at The Boston Sax Shop


Choose 'Medium' for alto and soprano players

Choose 'Medium Long' for tenor players or those wishing to use the strap with both tenor and alto saxophones

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