Buffet-Crampon RC Bb Clarinet

Article code BC1114-2-0
The RC model, already the world reference, received a redesign in 2014, benefitting from ten years of acoustical research and development.
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Body Material Stained Grenadilla wood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon) or Green LinE
Key Material Silver plated
Fingering System 17 or 18 keys, 6 rings

Of all the people who have made their mark in the history of Buffet Crampon, Robert Carrée is without doubt one of the most important. He dedicated his career to perfecting the musical instrument artistically as well as mechanically. Creator of legendary instruments such as the French bassoon and the Dynaction saxophone, he revolutionised the world of the clarinet with the development of a new line with a unique, poly-cylindrical bore.

The overall intonation of the instrument has been reviewed and enhanced to better adapt to the ever-increasing demands of the musician. Its warm, centred tone, projection, and its improved evenness of response and intonation will give pure satisfaction to musicians aspiring to a professional level or wanting to play the top of the line.

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