The Classical Clarinet - Vol. B

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Well-chosen transcriptions offer, in these four volumes, a technically and musically varied set, ranging from very easy pieces to an already appreciable level of strength.
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  • Allegretto by Beethoven
  • Menuet by Bach
  • Rondino by Lefevre
  • Berceuse by Kullak
  • Chant de la foret by Wohlfahrt
  • Chant de la nuit by Kummer
  • Menuet by Matteson
  • Andantino by Steibelt
  • Melodie by Lefevre
  • Ariette by Mozart
  • Romance by Beethoven
  • Cantabile by Berr
  • Romance by Kozeluh
  • Hongrois by Adam
  • Ariette by Cramer
  • Berceuse by Schumann
  • Musette by Bach
  • Scherzetto by Blasius
  • Largo by Telemann
  • Grazioso by Fuchs
  • Andantino by Blatt
  • Menuet by Pleyel
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