Theo Wanne Tenor Saxophone Moutpiece Ambika Gold

The AMBIKA has a huge large chamber, without baffle and with rounded inner-side-walls. It has the full bodied sound of vintage 1940’s mouthpieces, but will project enough to fill the room if needed. The AMBIKA has a 24K gold plating
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The Chamber and Baffle are far more accurate than other vintage and new mouthpieces due to our superior machining, which means a better playing mouthpiece.  The Metal AMBIKA is plated with 24K gold with Vintified Ligature.  

The Hard Rubber AMBIKA uses real vintage style hard rubber just like the vintage mouthpieces of the 1940s through 1960s.  If you like the vintage sound, your will love the AMBIKA.  The AMBIKA 2 has an even bigger, fuller sound than the AMBIKA 1.

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