Please note that Jody Jazz mouthpieces are delivered without ligature and cap.

Jody Jazz DV HR Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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The DV HR Tenor is a fun and exciting mouthpiece from the moment you play it. It will give you an effortless response that delivers shimmering highs and booming lows. You will be able to scream, cry and soothe with this versatile mouthpiece.

Secrets of the DV HR Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

The DV HR Tenor uses the patented DV secondary window to add mid and low harmonics, resulting in a more authoritative tone than normal tenor sax mouthpieces provide. And the long straight somewhat high baffle gives the mouthpiece it’s fantastic projection and cutting power along with excellent altissimo.

The proportions of the DV HR are derived from the Golden Mean Proportions found in nature. When applied to a saxophone mouthpiece Jody Espina found a magical set of proportions that have made the DV Series mouthpieces one of the most sought-after mouthpieces in the world. Now those magical proportions are available in a hard rubber mouthpiece.

The facing curve is inspired by the golden mean as are many of the design decisions of the mouthpiece. The result is a harmonious invention that provides ease of playing while allowing for beautiful musical expression.

Free Blowing Power, with a Big Fat Versatile Sound

The DV HR Tenor features a stylized gold-plated brass ring on the shank of the mouthpiece. The distinctive profile of the ring was created also using the golden mean proportions. The brass ring adds more mass on the shank of the mouthpiece which results in increased stability, more body in the sound and increased harmonics.


Does Not Include Ligature

This mouthpiece does not come with a ligature or a cap. 


JodyJazz DV HR Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings

  • 6 = .090
  • 7 = .101
  • 7* = .108
  • 8* = .116
  • 9* = .125
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