Theo Wanne Durga 5 Metal Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Alto Sax DURGA mouthpiece made by hand by Theo Wanne with a 24k gold finish. It has a big, rich and contemporary sound. It is also a great mouthpiece to play ballads with its unique chamber it also plays amazing ballads.
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The DURGA alto has a step-baffle for power, but also deeply rounded inner side walls leading into our Inverted-Power-Ring™, giving it the full sound inherent in a True Large Chamber and extra projection. This is why it can scream and be mellow depending on your mood.


Theo Wanne is truly breaking new ground with this mouthpiece as little has been done with modern large chamber alto mouthpieces.  This is partly why the DURGA alto is such a stand out in the market. There is nothing ‘vintage’ or modern like it.  It is available in 24K gold plate, and premium hard rubber  The DURGA 5 has evolved from the DURGA 1,2,3 and 4 with far more core and body to the sound.

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