Selmer Barytone Saxophone Mouthpiece S80

Article code S405C1
Selmer Paris offers a complete line of mouthpieces to match various sound esthetics, more or less timbered.
Sold without ligature and cap.

The Selmer S80 tenor saxophone mouthpiece is a popular design, and one of the biggest sellers in the marketplace. It is constructed from hard rod rubber, which lends it outstanding stability, accuracy and consistent facings. Whereas most mouthpieces have an arched cross-section in the chamber, the S80 is square. Students stepping up from a stock mouthpiece will experience a dramatic improvement in register changes and tonguing immediately in terms of tone and response.

Model C: Tip: Close (1.90) / Facing: Med (27.00)
Model C*: Tip: Medium Close (2.00) / Facing: Medium (27.00)
Model C**: Tip: Medium (2.05) / Facing: Medium (27.00)
Model D: Tip: Medium (2.10) / Facing: Medium (27.00)
Model E: Tip: Medium Open (2.20) / Facing: Medium (27.00)
Model F: Tip: Medium Open (2.40) / Facing: Medium (27.00)
Model G: Tip: Open (2.60) / Facing: Medium (27.00)

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