Playnick Nommos B2 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

Article code PlayNick Bb Clarinet Nomos B2
For the French clarinet, closer facing about 1.15mm, especially made for Ambipoly reeds but plays as well with cane reeds. The mouthpiece has a bit more resistance with smaller tip rails.
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B2 - be together! For a successful result when playing with synthetic reeds the mouthpiece simply needs a little more grip than for wooden reeds. It's that simple and that simple is playing with our new Nommos B2 in French playing manner. Anyone who has not yet gained a satisfying feeling with synthetic reeds, don’t have to miss this great innovation that delivers reliable results at any time. It is said that a synthetic reed can never sound as perfect as a wooden reed - and then came Nommos. Mouthpiece with French bore, 6 synthetic reeds in different strengths, ligature and cap.

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