Vic Firth Signature Sticks

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Vic Firth Ralph Hardimon Snare Drum Sticks are the most popular marching sticks out there. Their balance is exquisite thanks to the long taper , rebounding very quickly off the drum to grant the player a great deal of control.
A fat barrel-shaped tip helps you get the most sound out of every stroke without feeling too heavy - in fact, these sticks actually feel quite light in the hands. Made of strong hickory , these sticks can handle a beating (but if you play a lot of rim shots you should still reinforce them with some stick tape). The white painted finish looks great from the audience's perspective. If you need a brighter tone, these sticks are available with nylon tips. There's also a version specifically designed for younger hands. Length: 17" Diameter: 0.710"
  • Strong, Responsive Hickory
  • Long Tapers
  • Large Barrel-Shaped Beads
  • Length: 17"
  • Diameter: 0.710"
  • Most Popular Marching Sticks
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