Sankyo CF201 Flute

Article code CF201
Handmade flute with sterling silver headjoint, silver-plated body tubing and mechanism.
Drawn toneholes, French style pointed tonearms, NEL, 0.40mm standard wall thickness
Key Systems In-line
Body Material Silver-plated nickel silver
Headjoint Sterling Silver
Key Types Open Holes

The Sankyo CF201 Flute is a high quality introductory model to the family of advanced Sankyo level flutes. The CF201 series is a luxury yet affordable range of flutes ideal for the advanced player.  Founded in 1968, Hisakura, Takei and Oki formed their company, giving it the name, ‘Sankyo’. Translated, ‘SAN’ means ‘three’ (relating to the three founding members of the company) and ‘KYO’ means ‘Hibiki’ meaning ‘Sound’.

At the heart of Sankyo’s company, is the essence of beauty within sound and with the added benefit of a .925 silver headjoint on the CF201 model, this allows the player to create a sound with warmth and colour, tonal expression and a wide range of dynamic control.

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