Flight Concert Ukulele Case

When you go somewhere with your ukulele, you really need a case or a gig bag. A gig bag makes it easier to carry a ukulele, allows you to carry accessories, and protects the ukulele from damage.
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Even if you have a durable ukulele, such as a Flight Travel Ukulele, a gig bag protects the strings from damage during transport.  However, not all gig bags are created alike, and different types of gig bags serve different purposes.

The Flight UBC Gig Bag for Concert Ukulele is the gig bag that started it all for Flight Ukulele, and is the perfect gig bag for any laminate ukulele.  It is tan in color, for which Flight is widely recognized, with a front pocket, single backpack strap, and two handles.  The bag is lightly padded with 3mm of padding, making it lightweight, but thick enough to protect a laminate ukulele from bumps and bruises.  The bag also features the Flight logo on the front pocket.

The Flight UBC Gig Bag works with any concert ukulele from any other brand.   The gig bag is lightweight, attractive, functional, and affordable–a fantastic combination!

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