Perantucci Tuba Mouthpiece

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Daniel Perantoni and Robert Tucci began a cooperative effort in mouthpiece design and manufacturing in 1970. At that time the selection available was limited to a fewstandard models or something passed down by a teacher or colleague. Typical tuba mouthpiece cup diameters centered around 11⁄4 inches (31.5 Mm.), medium-size cups predominated.
Usable F-tuba mouthpieces were all but non existent.
The Perantucci PT-30 and PT-31, introduced in 1971, reflect the design philosophies of the time. The rims are slightly rounded on the outer edge while sharper on the inner. The cups are funnel-shaped and designed to produce a healthy well-centered sound. The throat bores give good control over the air stream and are large enough to provide substantial volume.

PT-50 for Bb/C Tuba

Model PT-50 has a large and deep cup. The clearly defined inner rim aids articulation and tonal clarity. This Perantucci mouthpiece combines high dynamic range with fast response. It aids low register playing while still enabling a good upper register. It is recommended for advanced players who prefer a truly large mouthpiece.

Cup Diameter : 33,0 mm diameter. Deep funnel shaped cup.
Rim : Width 7,5 mm. Flat rim with sharp inner edge.
Bore : 8,3 mm
Resistance : Moderate – open blowing.


Pt-64 for F Tuba

Model PT-64 provides fast response, a lively and exciting sound with a clear core and excellent projection. The tone has a commanding nature for solo performances. It is first choice for execution of high range orchestral literature. In it‘s fortieth year, the Perantucci PT-64 is a milestone in history, one of the most popular F-tuba mouthpieces ever made.

Cup Diameter : 32,0 mm diameter. Moderately shallow cup, bowl shaped.
Rim : Width 8,5 mm. Rounded with well defined inner contact point.
Bore :  7,8 mm

PT-88 for Bb/C Tuba

The cup of the PT-88 is wider yet not quite as deep as that of the PT-50. The sound has great strength and depth combined with huge dynamics over a wide range.  The middle and low register benefit from the cup volume. The high register is secure yet mellow sounding.


Cup Diameter : 33,5mm diameter. Wide, deep cup.
Rim : 7,0  mm Flat, well-defined inner edge.
Bore : 8,1  mm
Resistance : Low–open blowing


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