Schilke Cornet Mouthpiece V3 Symphony

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A deep traditional “V” shaped cup along with a larger rim diameter, intended for the player looking for the customary warm, rich cornet sound in the British band style while providing the required resistance and focus when playing fortissimo in the upper
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Schilke Custom Mouthpieces, like the Symphony line are produced by the custom mouthpiece division and are built one at a time. Designed by professional players along with the staff at Schilke, these models will offer different cup, rim, and shank sizes not available in the standard Schilke mouthpiece line.


An evolution in mouthpiece design utilizing several concepts from the standard Schilke line, the ‘Symphony Series’ models are on the larger side of the mouthpiece spectrum creating a deep, vibrant sound with a well-focused center and conceptually developed to meet the demands of the modern orchestral player.

They have comfortable rim shapes that provide a clean, crisp attack. They are offered with a standard cup depth or a deep bowl shape. The mouthpiece affectionately known as the “fluffy” has a flugel style cup and trumpet stem with the same rim contour and feel as the other models in this series. This has been a very popular custom choice for quieter passages where a cornet sound is desired without losing the control and focus of the sound.

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