Yamaha Concert Snare Drum CSS1465A

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  • Steel Shells

    Steel shells are used for their sharp attack and clear sound.

  • Shell Depth

    The lineup includes two shell sizes: the 5 inch CSS-1450A, and the 6 1/2 inch CSS-1465A.

  • Coil Snares

    Coil snares that produce a bright sound have been used in the CSS-A Series. Coil snares also sustain longer than straight snares, making it easier to play even-sounding rolls and generally providing easier playability for beginners.

  • Q Type Strainer

    The Q type strainer lets you tighten or release your snares quickly and quietly.

  • Heads

    Yamaha Remo Ambassador heads provide a bright tone.

  • Tube Lugs

    The CSS-A Series employs the same tube lugs as the high-end wood shell models. By holding the tension of both the top and bottom heads with unified lugs, an optimal balance of tension between the heads is achieved.

  • Dyna Hoops

    Dyna hoops constructed of 2.3 millimeter thick steel contribute to fast, well-defined attack.

  • Ring Mute

    The supplied ring mute can be used to dampen overtones when a more clearly defined tone is required.


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