Yamaha CSM1450A Concert Snare Drum

Article code CSM1450A
This snare drum of 14" x 5" is made in maple with Remo Renaissance Diplomate heads. This versatile model provides nice attacks an a great response.
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  • New Shell Design

    A revised shell design achieves beautifully warm tone that also has outstanding snap and clarity. The thicker 8-ply maple shell facilitates even finer detail and expanded expressive capability.

  • Q Type Strainer Release

    Compact and easy to operate, the Q Type Strainer lets you tighten or release your snares quickly and quietly.

  • Straight Cable Snares

    Coated straight cable snares are ideally matched to the drum’s head for superior sound.

  • Extra Deep Snare Bed

    An extra deep snare bed results in improved contact between the snares and the bottom head for notably enhanced snare response.

  • New Badge Design

    A sophisticated badge design adds a touch of class to the new series.


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