Theo Wanne Gaia 3 Gold Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Article code GAI-TG7S
Infused with the spirit of Dexter Gordon, the GAIA 3 tenor mouthpiece was built to outplay Theo Wanne’s very best new and vintage Otto Links. The GAIA mouthpiece is 24K gold plated.
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The GAIA 2 tends towards a traditional Jazz taste, but is quite versatile, as it is also played by Karl Denson touring with the Rolling Stones, and by Leon Silva on Arianna Grande's song "Problem" , and Ian Hendrickson-Smith with Ed Sheeran.  The GAIA 2 has a medium roll-over baffle, precision-sculpted inner sidewalls, and our True Large Chamber for a simply huge and alive vintage sound.

The GAIA 2’s True Large Chamber is very much like the vintage mouthpieces of the 1940s but the design has been further evolved, both in design and with our leading manufacturing technologies.

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