Ténor Retro-Revival Crescent Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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The new Crescents come with a Blue Marbled Hard Rubber Bite. 

Since our company’s inception in 2016, we have been constantly striving to capture the magic of the greatest vintage sax mouthpieces ever produced. Retro Revival is proud to announce our newest offering, the “Crescent”.  We took the challenge to re-create a mouthpiece that will help deliver the qualities many players are looking for from the early “Trane” era. Our new “Crescent” brings to the present the spirit of the 60’s with it’s expressive and beautiful qualities. In the spirit of the early NY Otto Link Super Tone Masters and the Tone Master, this design produces a rich and darker sound due to its lower and longer baffle profile. The “Crescent" is a monster, a  jazz player’s dream, it articulates fast while maintaining a thick core from top to bottom, taking the air easily with amazingly fast response. This mouthpiece is CNC milled, Precision Finished, each piece is Rhodium Plated. This Model has a lower baffle profile, more smokey mids. 

Each Mouthpiece comes with a custom Rigid Paper Tube and a  Rico H Ligature & Cap.

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