Theo Wanne Gaia 2 HR Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece

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Soprano sax hard rubber mouthpiece made by the hands of Theo Wanne with the most accuracy.
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The GAIA 2 soprano mouthpiece has revolutionized the soprano world. It has modern a projection, but also a rich, fat and robust sound never heard before from a soprano mouthpiece. The GAIA 2 has been further updated with far more core and body to sound, while maintaining the big warm traditional tone the GAIA is known for!

For decades, musician’s asked Theo Wanne for the perfect large chamber soprano mouthpiece. He modified vintage Buescher and Slant Otto Link (among other) vintage mouthpieces.  Each of these had wonderful characteristics, but none were the "whole package". So Theo Wanne designed the GAIA 2.  The feedback has been overwhelming relief from many players who finally found the mouthpiece giving them the sound they always desired.


The GAIA 2 still uses a "True Large Chamber", like most vintage soprano mouthpieces made in the first half of the last century. However, those mouthpieces combined a large chamber with a low baffle and floor configuration, which made good classical mouthpieces, but never really worked for contemporary playing.  The GAIA2’s unique design opens up a whole new world for the soprano saxophone.  It maintains the ‘vintage’ beauty of sound, but adds depth and versatility that wasn't possible before.

Like all Theo Wanne™ mouthpieces, they are manufactured with accuracy higher than any other mouthpiece, vintage or new, and uses the highest quality materials in its construction.  The GAIA2 is truly revolutionary in bringing the vintage sound up to date both in design and construction.

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