Barkley Vintage ZZ Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece

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As the name says, Vintage ZZ is a mouthpiece with the characteristics of old sounds, darker and more focused, but with the materials and forms of manufacture that we use, this mouthpiece has a balance between the old and the modern.
Made of Fiber Resin and Ebony, this mouthpiece has a subtle touch of wood in its harmonics, projection and volume in the right measure.
With its Concave Baffle it allows a firm and full-bodied sound with great projection.
Its horseshoe-shaped camera generates both more severe harmonics with mid-accentuations, which is the great differential for the versatility of this mouthpiece.
Material: Fiber Resin / Ebony
Medium Shine / Full Body: Baffle Concove
Tip Oppening: Bariton ~2,25mm

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