Grover Deluxe Tubular Triangle Beater Set with Case

Article code Bâton Triangle Grover 303 (6 pcs)
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Grover Deluxe Tubular Triangle Beater Set w/ Case (TBTD) - Product Information

These contemporary style beaters feature a tubular beater face, isolated from a core shaft using a special rubber compound. Each beater features a comfortable, clear latex handle. Due to the increased weight of the beater face, these beaters produce a great array of spectral overtones from triangles. Manufactured, one at a time, using Grover's Alloy 303.

This deluxe set of 6 Triangle Beaters Includes:
2 TB-10 Light (red)
2 TB-11 Medium Light (blue)
1 TB-12 Medium (yellow)
1 TB-14 Heavy (green)
1 Cordura Triangle Beater Case
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