Korg PitchHawk G2 Clip-On Tuner

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Color LCD meter offers the ultimate in visibility. Clip-style tuners for guitar or bass.
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KORG's clip-style tuners can be attached directly to the headstock of your instrument.
Improving on the already popular PitchHawk, the PitchHawk-G2 features a new high-brightness high-contrast color LCD display that allows you to tune with unprecedentedly high visibility. The body has also been made even slimmer, improving both design and functionality. These new models represent the evolution of clip-style tuners, while maintaining the high-precisions tuning that you expect from KORG.

In the first for KORG's clip-type tuners, these models feature a color LCD display. A high-brightness white backlight and an extremely clear color VA meter provide high contrast and a wide viewing angle. In addition to improving visibility, the text and the meter display are color-coded for dramatically easier recognition. Rather than having to "watch" the meter, the performer merely has to "sense" it; these models allow instant recognition of your tuning status.

The body is slimmer and more stylish than ever. The battery holder and buttons have been moved to the rear surface of the tuner in order to improve functionality and reduce size. Such attention to detail is particularly important for compact products such as these units.
Improved design also leads to improved usability. Slimming-down allows the PitchHawk-G2 to fold completely flat, allowing convenient storage in the pocket of your gig bag or case. The four buttons on the rear surface are positioned left/right/up/down for intuitive operation even when out of sight, simultaneously satisfying the requirements of both functionality and design.

As on the previous models, the clip is designed to make the connection as efficient as possible, ensuring a firm grasp.
The PitchHawk-G2 firmly adheres to various shapes and sizes to accommodate the headstock of your guitar or bass. Even if you move around actively while performing, there's no danger that vibration or weight will cause the tuner to shift.
The double mechanism of a movable arm and ball joint simultaneously provide both durability and a free range of angle settings. Players have the flexibility to position the tuner wherever they need, and the confidence that it will stay in that position.

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